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Tehri Dam case in Supreme Court and struggle update

Action Alert 14-9-2002

11th of September the first anniversary of Bin ladens attack on World Trade Tower, Govt.of Uttranchal filed an Affidavit in Supreme court of India regarding the status Tehri Dam oustees.

On 13th September in the Supreme Court Justice J.B. Patnayak and Justice Ruma Paul gave one-week time for filing any other affidavit from both sides. The case will come again on third week of November for the final hearing.
Council for the petitioners Advocate Sanjay Parikh argued that rehabilitation process is not going well, Jut. Patnayak said-- I visited M.P. last days and I found devastation in rehabilitation of Narmada oustees.--So this is there attitude.

Situation in Tehri Town
In Tehri more then 250 families still setting for the their demands while other had to left the city because of NO SCHOOL, MEDICAL FACILITIES, UN-EDUCATE TELPHONE LINE, SEWARAGE SYSTEM AND BROKEN ROADS. The way to old Tehri town is also difficult. For any transport city people have to walk two K.M. or to spend 10 Rs. in jeep. But in the night no vehicle is available. Even in the worst situation people are not in mood to leave the battle.
Recently on 12 & 13 water level rises till 647Meter from sea level. Bhadomagri Bridge on Bhilangna River collapsed. People of cut-off area are in grate trouble mainly they lost District Headquarter, market and medical facilities. Although Govt. made another bridge as alternate just a K.M. away. But this bridge will also submerge if water level will rise few more meters.

48 Asena Villagers were in jail………………
Asena is name of a village in Bhilangna Valley, where is stone quarry for the Tehri Dam. More then 10 years, villagers demanding a justifiable rehabilitation. They stopped the quarry work above their village. In the beginning they were told that they are searching for the gold and people will get jobs etc. When people came to know that this a stone quarry and this whole area will un-feasible for living. They start struggle for their rights and now govt. had consider Asena village in fully effected village due to Tehri dam.
Now they got land first before other villages but govt. is trying to suppress other issue like employment, educate land rate, house compensation etc.
10 persons from this village are working on the approach road for the quarry. On 6th of September contractor ask them to leave work. They sit on a Dharna, because of this OFFANCE police arrest them, and then other villagers sit and start Dharna on the approach road. Police arrest 48 villagers in Toto and stolen their umbrellas. Some protesters start hunger strike in the jail. Another team takes the charge of Dharna. Then on 8-9-2002 they met D.M. with State Minister Shri Kishore Upadhyay. D.M. assured them for their demands and release all the protesters.

Chham villagers stopped the survey
Chham village is in Bhagirathi valley. Villagers stopped survey in the month of April. Main demand was FIRST TO SHOW US LAND. Four time senior officials had visited the village but had to return with blank papers. But the fight is tough. This village will loose its whole land and house but it is in the list of partly effected village. Survey already completed in surrounded villages and this is the only village in the valley, with out survey. District Magistrate who is also Rehabilitation Director assured them for the land issue. But people know the meaning of the assurance.

State Minister for the Industries also MLA from Tehri Mr. Kishor Upadhyay and MLA Mr. Pitam Pawar took initiative in the rehabilitation issue. They are organizing Mahapanchats. In which people come and raised their demands and share their problems. Three Mahapanchats has been organized so far. Hope some thing will happen.

In Solidarity

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