Thursday, 8 December 2011

Action Alert 6-3-2003

Main construction work of Tehri Dam has been affected badly since 18 Feb. 2003.

Unemployed youths stopped the moving of trucks from the quarry, which was loading, the stones for the Tehri Dam near the Asena village. A stone quarry is near the Asena village in Bhilangana valley. These stone are used to put on the Tehri Dam on both side as a thick wall.
Last year in September villagers of Asena stopped the same, and then administration imprisoned 48 villagers. After three days District Magistrate who is also director of rehabilitation promised to full fill the demands of the villager related with the rehabilitation and especially giving the employment to the youths.
After 6 months nothing has been done. That is why people are on strike. Now District Magistrate saying, “It is because of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation.”
In result of this villagers were successfully effect the Dam work.
You are requested to send support letter or fax asking them to keep their words and fulfill villager’s demands.
  • Mr. M.L. Gupta, CMD
Tehri Hydro Development Corporation, Bhagirathi Bhwan, Bhagirathipuram,
Tehri Garwal 249001 Uttaranchal
Ph.91 01376-36253 Fax: 01376-36363 Website:
  • Dr. Umakant Panwar
Director Rehabilitaion, Tehri Garwal 249001 Uttaranchal
Ph.91 01376-32057 (off) Fax: 01376-32057 / Ph. 01376-32040(R)
Camp Office, Dehradoon Ph: 0135-658270, Fax: 0135-655308 / 0135
In Solidarity

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