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{DUU-39} From Bhagirathi River 3-11-2007

Dam will be inaugurated
without even completing the construction work of dam

About the Maneri Bhali Stage-II Hydroelectric Project (304MW)
Maneri Bhali Stage-II HEP is a Run-of-River (ROR) scheme under construction on river Bhagirathi, in District Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand). The project is located near the famous city of Uttarkashi and approximately 150 kms. from Rishikesh, lies between the tailrace channel of Maneri Bhali Stage-I project and the reservoir of Tehri project. 81 meter long barrage 16 km long, 6.0 m diameter horse shoe shaped head race tunnel made for this run off the river hydro project. The project preliminary works were started in 1979. The pace of work was slow due paucity of funds and geological hurdles. The works finally came to a halt in 1990-91 due to non availability of funds. Again after the formation of Uttarakhand work has starts in full swing.
Chief Minister of Uttarakhand declared to inaugurate the dam on 8th Nov. 2007 despite all these facts written below:-
  • Nearly 250 houses and 200 Hq. land of Gyansu (area near the dam arrage) of Uttarkashi City are in danger due to coming up reservoir of Maneri Bhali Stage-II HEP.
  • Authorities hide DPR related documents which accept 70 houses will be submerged. Project proponent surveyed only 8 houses and left other houses survey for future.
  • Sewage plant of Uttarkashi City will be submerged in the reservoir so all the sewage water will be directly go in the reservoir.
  • Proposed 900 meter long safety wall has been built. Which need to fill 50,000 QM mud at back side. How will this wall be made after filling the reservoir?
  • Managing director of UJVNL said we will finish this work till March 2008 after commissioning the dam.
  • Nearly 50 villages above and around the 16 K.M. long tunnel has already lost water sources due to building of the tunnel.
  • Gate at Surge Tank has not been installed, which need at least 2 months to be installed.
  • Thousands of tunes muck of VRUNAVRAT hill (due to have landslide this hill is under treatment) directly put down at the bank of the river Bhagirathi so now all this will go directly into the reservoir.
  • No body is taking responsibility

Just getting the compensation for land and trees etc. people had to sit in between the river Bhagirathi on a small island. Protester of Gyansu Dub Kshetra Sangharsh Samiti sits for 4 days under the threat. Water could have come any time because of malting snow. Then only govt. had to give thought on the issue and chief secretary of Uttarakhand gave an order on 5-10-2007 to built safety wall to protect the Gyansu (area near the dam barrage).
But only survey has done. Still people of Gyansu and Joshiyada who are near the river are under threat of submergence.

What you can do?--------
Write to the Governor and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand in support of people affected by the dam and also demand:
1. Immediate stoppage the inauguration of the Maneri Bhali Stage-II HEP.
2. Take all necessary safety measurements for the people near the reservoir including safety wall.
3. Immediate stoppage of the mega dam process.
4. Alternative Energy and Power generation sources to be explode including solar energy, wind energy and micro hydel.
Please write to:
The Governor of Uttarakhand: Fax: 0135- 2750012
The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand: Tel: 0135- 2665090, 2665100, Fax: 2665722,
Attached photo:-People who were sitting at island dated 5-10-2007
Development for all not for few

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