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Action Alert 8-7-2003

Tehri oustees hanging around

In spite of government (central or state) claims & declaration, Tehri dam oustee’s rehabilitation is still hanging in dilemma. T.H.D.C & Uttaranchal government left no stone unturned in misguiding Supreme Court by producing hypothetical or irrelevant documents. Thus their cruel intentions and complacence in work are in front of the public.
All the claims of rehabilitating oustees till 780M reservior level before March 2003 didn’t gave any desired results. Now they are claiming to rehabilitate the oustees residing below the height of 815mts.. In fact tunnel no. 1 is closed. and this is the clear violation of Govt.’s affidavit filed in Supreme Court. Till December 2003,T.H.D.C has decided to shut down the two remaining diversion tunnels no. 1 & 2. If it happens without rehabilitation that will result in mass destruction or genocide. For Matu People’s Organisation and Tehri Bhoomidhar Visthapit Sangthan this siruation is a setback.
State government is silent. People representatives are much involved in pulling each others leg . Congress government was unable to abide by promise given to oustees of Tehri Dam. Thus oustees feels cheated.
People are living under the shadow of fear. Officials attached to rehabilitation and government are using force and lure as bad tactics against the oustees. They are even working on the conspiracy for not letting the oustees to work together for their rights.
Corruption is present in every sphere as in evaluation of asset, oustees list etc. Thus in these circumstances peoples organisation has decided to go on UPVAS (hunger strike) for 3 days to highlight the problems. Vimal Bhai, convenor of Matu People organisation friends of Tehri Bhoomidhar Visthapit Sangthan will sit on UPVAS.
Our objective is to make rehabilitation process fast, free from corruption, it should be transparent and well organised. This also include, that after rehabilitation only diverging tunnels should be closed
Please come and join this phase of the struggle or atleast send fax to the below address telling them that you are supporting the agitation-keeping eye on whole of the proccess.
  1. Shri N.D. Tiwari
    Chief Minister of Uttaranchal Circuit house
Dehradun Uttaranchal
  • Puneet Kansal
Director Rehabilitaion, Tehri Garwal 249001 Uttaranchal
Ph.91 01376-32057 (off) Fax: 01376-32057 / Ph. 01376-32040(R)
Camp Office, Dehradoon Ph: 0135-658270, Fax: 0135-655308 / 0135

By bus: +Direct Night bus 9 o’clock from Delhi to Tehri by pass (10 hours) –take jeep to Tehri town ( half an hour )
or by any bus from Delhi - Rishikesh(bus or taxi) – Tehri Bypass (Jeep)- Tehri Town.
Even taxi are available from Natraj Hotel, Rishikesh.
Note:Their is no means of transportation either from Rishikesh or Tehri Bypass after 5:00 PM (evening) In Old Tehri town you may contact on these No.013762-84081, 84674, 84665 or Shivanand Pandey 09412026510

In Solidarity
Vimalbhai Mahipal Singh Negi

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