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{DUU-34} NEAA order on Pala-Maneri HEP 25-04-07

NEAA order on Pala-Maneri HEP

Advance cumulative study on different dams on one river

Project Name: Pala-Maneri Hydroelectric Project (4x104 MW)
River: Bhagirathi
Agency: Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd.(UJVN)
Environmental Clearance granted on 7.12.2005

NEAA feels for the need of advance cumulative study of series of different Dams coming on any river. In its order dated 19-4-2007 National Environment Appellate Authority gave this very important direction to Ministry of Environment and Forest. This is big thing which is very much required to save the rivers and people right if this will be done honestly.

Although in the same old manner NEAA dismissed the appeal which challenged the environment clearance of Pala-Maneri HEP.
The case was heard on 21.09.2006, 27.09.2006, 12.10.2006, 16.11.2006, 28.11.2006, 12.12.2006, 13.12.2006, 18.01.2007, 22.02.2007 and finally on 08.03.2007. After so many hearing NEAA’s members Mr. J. C. Kala, Dr. I.V. Manivannan, Mr. K. Prasad (all are Rt. Government officials, till now there is no chairman, no vice-chairman in the NEAA, one case is pending in the Delhi High Court) just praise the EIA of the project even they did not mention the very issue of two different EIAs. In this project EIA made for the public hearing was 416 MW and the EIA produced in the MoEF was of 480MW.
Adv. Ritiwik Dutta and Rahul Chowdhary of LIFE argued well in the authority. We as Matu Peoples’ Organisation are very thank full to them for working so hard.
Important directions of the order
The Authority feels the need for:-
(a) advance cumulative study of series of different Dams coming on any river so as to assess the optimum capacity of the water resource giving due consideration to the requirement of the Human beings Cattle, Ecology / Environment etc.;
(b) an affective Multi-disciplinary Monitoring Mechanism to ensure timely implementation of all suggested environmental safeguards including the R&R Plan so as to repose the faith of the public in Government’s intentions and commitments to conservation and sustainable development as has been dealt with in the order dated 5th February, 2007 passed by this Authority in Appeal No. 2/2005.
Development for all not for few

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