Tuesday, 20 December 2011

{DUU-41} From Bhagirathi Valley 29-8-2008

Project Name: Loharinag-Pala Hydroelectric Project (4x150 MW)
River: Bhagirathi
Agency: National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
Environmental Clearance granted on 8.2.2005
People stop the dam work
Agitation is going on in village Kujjan.
Affected villagers, mainly women have been stopped the work of under constructed underground power house of Lohrinag-Pala Hydro Electric Project, since 14 April, 2008 and stage Dharna under the banner of Matu Jan Santhan. This was the day when Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand Mr. Dass visited the area. Other affected villages will also going to stage Dharna after some days if NTPC will not respond sincerely
There are many serious problems which have occurred in affected area of under constructed Lohrinag-Pala Hydro Electric Project. Project proponent is not giving attention to the issues and not solving problems created by them. Village Kujjan is badly affected by the blasting done for building underground power house for the dam.
Water resources getting dried-up, village roads have been damaged; houses developing crakes in Village Kujjan. More or less same kind of problems also faced by other affected villages. NTPCs reaction on these problems is very sad. No survey for this, no compensation and no security this is terrible situation.
All this is clear violation of Environment Clearance given by Environment and Forest Ministry. Muck dumping is not properly damping, cutting of trees is not according to their plan, Aids check-up of laborers is not done; blasting norm are also not following etc.
Affected villager have to stage darna-agitation for solving petty issues which are easy to solve only there is need to understand the problems calmly. Project is not monitoring.
In its order dated 7-2-2007 National Environment Appellate Authority gave some important directions to Ministry of Environment and Forest in the case filed by Matu Peoples’ Organisation and Two headmen of effected villages named Tihar and Bhatwari.
But not followed.
Important directions of the order
Multidisciplinary Monitoring Mechanism
Authority is convinced about the need for an effective Monitoring Mechanism to ensure timely implementation of all suggested environmental safeguards including the R & R package.
The Authority has examined the various suggestions received on the aspects and is convinced of the need for reconstitution of Monitoring Committee so as to ensure strict implementation of various general and specific conditions imposed while granting Environment Clearance. Accordingly, this Authority directs ………..(1) Constitution of a Multidisciplinary Monitoring Committee under the control of the MoEF not NTPC……………………General Conditions of the Environmental Clearance letter, to implementation of the Project and (2) Inclusion of Ecologists, Environmental scientist, Conservationists and experienced Administrators in that Committee so that the project leads to sustainable development with adequate protection to the Environment.

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