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{DUU-56} Srinagar HEP (330 MW) suspended for 15 days 10-09-2010


Srinagar HEP (330 MW) on River Alaknanda in Tehri Garwal, Uttarakhand has been suspended for 15 days, by State Govt. of Uttarakhand in order to review some issues.

may remember that there are several environmental, legal and procedural violations by the Srinagar HEP project. It is a very different kind of project as it contains a reservoir, a tunnel and an open canal. Without any public hearing, the 1985 environment clearance for this project has been stretched on till 2010. The project has not sought an environment clearance since.

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Hundreds of presentation have been given to different Central and State govt. ministries and their departments. Matu had even published a book in Hindi called ''DHOL KI POLE'' on the whole issue of these violations in 2009.

A case was also filed in the Nainital High Court by a concerned citizen was dismissed.

In May 2010, the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) issued a notice to the project proponents on the non-compliance with the environment clause. Matu filed a complaint stating that the bigger issue was the increase of the dam height from 63M to 95M. Such a move multiplies the many environmental concerns of the project.

The MoEF took cognisance of this and issued yet another notice. Given below letter dated Friday, May 21, 2010

While the project proponents official reply to the notice was more fiction than fact, they were able to bluff their way out. Matu then filed rejoinder on their reply.

Recently, the Commissioner of Garwal held a meeting and gave a report which raised important questions concerning the project and its impact. Similarly, Srinagar University have also released a report on the violations by the dam proponents.

There is also a movement by the residents of the project area under way to save the Dhari Devi temple. This ancient Hindu Goddess Temple will be submerged if the dam height remains 95M. Many rallies and protests are taking place simultaneously to oppose the dam.

To counter this action of suspending Srinagar HEP and to corrupt the thinking of the project area residents, the project proponent is organising pro-dam rallies in Srinagar.

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