Tuesday, 20 December 2011

{DUU-47} CEC says: Review Kotli Bhel Projects 2-2-2009


Recommended for review of Kotli-Bhel HEP Phase-1A & 1B

Proposed Kotli-Bhel HEP Phase-1A (195 MW) is on Bhagirathi (Tehri Distt.) & Kotli-Bhel HEP Phase-1B (280 MW) is on Bhilangana (Tehri and Pouri District) Uttarakhand.
Agency: National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC)

CEC in Its 11th report dated 18-11-2008 with respect to proposed approval by Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) has recommended that with the respect to diversion of forest for Kotli-Bhel HEP Phase-1A & 1B, the reconstituted FAC should review the approval granted by the earlier FAC after conducting studies on:-
  1. Cumulative environmental impact of various hydro electric projects particularly on the riverine eco system and land acquisition biodiversity; and
  2. effectiveness of the mitigation measures and compliance of the stipulated conditions on which various projects have earlier been cleared.
The recommendation of the CEC has been placed before the Supreme Court & case is pending. We will update you on any further development.

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