Tuesday, 13 December 2011

{DUU-3} News from Bhagirathi valley

Silt rate is very high in Bhagirathi River. All the power project has been closed down. All the gate of Maneri-Bhali –1, a run off the river HPP on Bhagirathi River, were opened to release the silt.

  1. Project Name: Tehri Dam Project (1000+1000+400 MW)
River: Bhagirathi-Bhilangna
Agency: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC)
Environmental Clearance granted on 19-7-1990

In old Tehri Town, life is still continuing. This town has been submerged on 29 July 12, 2004 by a conspiracy of state and central govt. 4000 Q. water has been released by Maneri-Bhali-I Dam, upstream of Bhagirathi in Uttarkashi District of Uttaranchal.
And Tunnel No-1 was closed; only one tunnel was releasing water. This was the cause of flood rather says Man Made Flood.
More then 70 families have been looses their belongings. Out of these more then 10 families did not take house construction assistance. Five families are still living in Old Tehri Town near Clock Tower. Three are Khandoori Families. They have many issues pending in

Court Cases

N. D. Jayal and Shekhar Singh case will be argue in Nanital High Court on 27 July 2005. This case is for monitoring the rehabilitation and environment condition.

One another case has been filed by Mr. Shanti Prasasd Bhatt and four others (one of them is Tehri M.L.A. Mr. Kishore Updhayay). Notice issued and matter will be heard on 31 August 2005.

On 18th July 2005 oustees has decided to go to Old Tehri Town and offer PUJA at old Dharna Place (site in), the Shiv Mandir and support the resident of Old Tehri Town. Water level was approximately 659M. Which submerged and damaged this Shiv Mandir.

2) Project Name: Loharinag-Pala Hydroelectric Project (4x150 MW)
River: Bhagirathi Agency: National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
Environmental Clearance granted on 8.2.2005
On 29th July 2005 meeting organized by District Magistrate with affected people and N.T.P.C., the project proponent. People talked in length about their problems. NTPC just wanted to start the roadwork, which has been stopped by the villagers. People were agreeing on 1,00,000Rs. as per Nalli land rate. It was decided that till 30th September 2005 NTPC would pay the amount to the people otherwise from 1st October 2005 people will again start agitation.
While the Environment clearance given on 2-8-05 says:
The R & R Plan for the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) should be prepared in consultation with the State Government and submitted within three months from the date of issue of this letter.
No information regarding this and other conditions. Matu peoples’ has issued a Legal Notice to NTPC for compliance of environment clearance.
3)Project Name: Tapovan Vishnugad Hydroelectric Project (4x130 MW)Agency: National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
River: Bhagirathi
Environmental Clearance granted on 8.2.2005
Joshimath Bachao Sangharsh Samiti and Matu Peoples’ Organisation issued a Legal Notice to NTPC for compliance of environment clearance.
4) Project Name: Pala-Maneri Hydroelectric Project (416 MW)
District: Uttarkashi
Company: Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd.
Expert committee of Environment & Forest Ministry in its meeting held on 21/05/2005 said regarding this project (taken from MoEF web site)
The proposal was considered by E.C. on 15.6.05.The committee pointed out several discrepancies and error in the EIA report and advised the project authority to resubmit the EIA report
Matu Jansangthan asks detailed information form MoEF and sent a letter to local D.M. informing this work cannot be start.

Development for all not for few

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