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Action Alert 18-4-2004

Arrest episode of Tehri 18-4-2004

On 7th April in the evening approximately 5.45 I reached Gadoliya village (A partially affected village in Bhilangana valley). I saw one of the congress leader and lawyer talking to the Affected Women's Struggle Committee and other villagers who were sited on Dharna and stopped the movement of trucks. But no truck was there at the time when I reached. A govt. official asked me to settle down the issue and open the trucks movements. I replied him that this is their decision not mine I can only talk to them. I met them and explained them what I did on the day and inquire about the visit of congress candidate.
At the same time Sub Judicial Magistrate (Tehri town) reached and called me on the road. When I greeted him, he asked police official to put me in the jeep. I refused and asked why? Women who were seated resisted and take me with them. Then police and some other official shouted that he is an outsider, he is American funded and he is bad. But women again resisted. After 5-10 minutes they just dragged me and putted in the police jeep. We reached in the old Tehri Town Police Station, SDM followed our jeep. In the police station they just asked my address (local and Delhi) and kept me in the Jail. I asked them to inform my colleague or allow me to talk to my lawyer. But no one listened to me. They said that we informed (but actually not). I went on hunger strike.
Next morning they produced me in the SDM court and charged that I gave provocative lectures, stopped the movement of trucks etc. 107,116,151 IPC. No personal bond. They asked two bonds of Rs. 50,000. I refused. They sent me in the Jail for 14 days on remand.
They want to keep me in the jail for longer time so my colleague decided for my bail. After many huddles on 16th afternoon I released on bail.
Infect Govt. always declare that they have completed the rehabilitation or the process of R/R is working well. State Govt. blame central that they are not providing sufficient funds for R/R. Simultaneously central Govt. clarifies that they gave much funds for R/R and now this is state Govt.'s duty to do proper rehabilitation.
We clear to the people the actual situation, what is wrong and where they are wrong. Recently public hearing organised by Citizen Commission played an important role to highlight the issue.
We filed many petitions and met central Tehri Dam Project level monitoring committee (TDPMC) and narrate them the ground reality, which they do not know before.
In result of this monitoring committee visited two villages and met people ever first before. In last few months we built a pressure on the administration so they want to SHUT THE VOICE. We provide relevant information to the villagers. And circulate the reports of TDPMC. Which clearly indicate the more then 100 crores of Rs. from rehabilitation head spent in other work. And the forestation work Catchment Area Treatment Plan is fail near the dam site.
Administration is always trying to make outside world fool. Corruption is so much. Oustees cannot say anything against corruption because if they raise voice then rehabilitation department will not clear their file.
After Supreme Court verdict not even a single meeting of coordination on rehabilitation of Tehri Dam Oustees has been organised by the govt. In the absence of such kind of forum no platform where issues related with R/R and environment can be raised for proper solution.
We raised all these issues. This is our SIN. That is why they always want to SHUT THE VOICE.
In Solidarity

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