Saturday, 31 December 2011

{DUU-55} Tehri Dam case in Supreme Court 27-08-2010

Project Name: Tehri Dam HEP (1000 MW)

Rivers: Bhagirathi & Bhilangna

Agency: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC)

Environmental Clearance granted on 19-7-1990

Dam Commission-2006

Tehri Dam case in Supreme Court:- N. D. Jayal & another vs. Union of India & Others

Supreme Court permitted to store water in Tehri Dam Reservoir

Mislead by T.H.D.C.

Today the Supreme Court of India permitted the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation to store water in the Tehri Dam reservoir. Till now THDC was not permitted to fill the dam reservoir above 820 M from the sea level. The FRL (Full Reservoir Level) is 835 M. Due to not complete the rehabilitation and not fulfil the environment conditions.

THDC moved an application dated 25thAugust, 2010, before the Supreme Court as the State Government did not grant any permission to raise the water level. The averments made by THDC in the application are absolutely misleading. The THDC stated in the application that if the water is not retained in the reservoir, it will bring floods causing devastation and havoc in large areas of plains. The THDC admits in the application that at a discharge of around 5400-5500 cumecs, river Ganga will touch danger level of 294 meters at Haridwar. It is also admitted that an average discharge of Ganga at Haridwar is 3500- 4000 cumecs which includes release of 570 cumecs of water from Tehri Dam.

It is well recorded that THDC had started to store water in the Tehri Dam reservoir already even before the present judgement was passed in the Hon'able Supreme Court.

It also came in the earlier affidavits of State of Uttaranchal and THDC that when re-survey was done by the Survey of India a new demarcation line of EL 835 meters was drawn wherein a maximum deviation of approximately 13.50 meters was observed at some places due to change in survey line requiring rehabilitation of 118 more families and acquisition of additional land falling in 45 villages.

In this situation, raising of water level in reservoir will bring devastation in the entire area as well as the affected villages.

To fill reservoir for only more electricity in the lean season is a shameful move of THDC which puts affected peoples lives on stake. Also more environment degradation in the region will occur.

We will be coming out soon with more facts and figures to counter this criminal offence done by THDC.

The State Government should, therefore, take immediate steps to stop the deliberate attempt of THDC to raise the water level of the reservoir. If necessary they must seek clarification from the Supreme Court in the interest of the people of State of Uttarakhand.

Vimalbhai, Puran Singh Rana

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