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Action Alert 26-2-2003

Supreme of India complete the hearing on Tehri Dam case, On 25 Feb 2003
Dear friends
After listening petitioner’s rejoinder and some comments of respondents the bench of Hon’ble Justice Rajenra Babu, Justice Devvbrat Dharmadhikari (from M.P. state) and Justice Mathur (from U. P. state) complete the hearing and reserve the judgment / decision.
In the first half of the day Sr. Adv. Ms. Indira Jaisingh read the rejoinder of the petitioner. She filed a list of the Dam in the world where ‘3-Daimentional study of the Dam’ and ‘Dam break Analysis’ done. Govt. repeatedly said in the court that these are only mental or theoretical exercise, these studies never made in the world. Petitioner also filed a photo album showing the photo of Old Tehri Town, Villages going to be submerge and showing impoundment due to closer of tunnel no. 3 and 4.
After lunch Adv. Mr. Rajeev Dhavan, council of intervener in the main case Mr. Sunderlal Bahuguna raised some legal points.
Respondent wants to file some of paper but Adv. Indira Jaisingh firmly opposed and the Hon’ble judges also said that this will be an unending process and respondent had sufficient time to say. At the end Govt. took plea that ‘Please do not stop the Dam we are ready to do what ever the court ask to do.
Now we are waiting for judgment / decision.
Do visit the valley.
In Solidarity

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