Sunday, 18 December 2011

{DUU 15} Tehri Dam case 21-3-2006

Supreme Court will hear Tehri Dam Case on 28th March

Project Name: Tehri Dam Project (1000+1000+400 MW)
Rivers: Bhagirathi -Bhilangna
Agency: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC)
Environmental Clearance granted on 19-7-1990

In the case of N. D. Jayal & Another vs. Union of India & Others next hearing in the Supreme Court is now March 28, 2006.
Water rises near village Bandrakoti. For cut of area only one bridge which is over on Bhilangana river. All the 10 bridges come in the reservoir area submerged except Chham Bridge. This bridge is only for pedestrians. No bridge for vehicles.
In the R/R site named Pathri part-2, 3, 4 oustees left with out any facilities, which have been promised by the govt. according to rehabilitation.

Development for all, not only for few.


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