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{DUU-18} Tehri Dam 23-8-2006

Environment condition after the Dam ???????????
Today in Ministry of Environment & Forest, Expert Committee on River Valley & Hydroelectric Projects discussed and clear the Rim treatment plan of Tehri Dam. Before the meeting, Matu peoples’ organization delivered a letter to all the member of EC & raising these issues:--
  • On 23-8-2006 expert committee will discuss the issue, which is actually a fate a comply. Tehri Dam is constructed while partially affected villages facing problem of sliding.
  • On the left bank of river Bhagirathi, where village Kangsali, Jalwalgoan, Malla and Talla and Khola are under threat of landslide. After starting filling up Tehri dam reservoir crakes can be seen in slopes of these villages. This part is of cut-off area.
  • It is with Village Bhald which also under threat of landslide. Villagers are protesting and administration is giving them assurance that a study by Geological Survey of India will be done.
  • And there will be many other villages, mostly those are partially effected.
  • Conditional clearance to the Tehri Dam was given in 19-7-1990. Geological Survey of India conducted a study. (Relevant part of one letter is given below).
  • Project level monitoring committee never visits the cut-off area to understand the issue.
  • Role of MoEF was never in the protection of environment or in the favor of oustees.
Member raised these issues- to visit the area first to see the work. Why it is so late? There is news that plan was not discussed with the villagers etc. The Divisional Forest Officer of Uttaranchal said project is very old; I was not there so I do not know why it is late, and we have consulted villagers …… but the committee was in the view that rehabilitation is not the agenda & clears the plan.
It is very much clear that environmental condition did not fulfilled and this will cause the landslides.
Meanwhile water entered in village Biryani, Chham and Jogiyara. Water level is more then 780 RL. People are still there. Many of them did not get different compensations. Rehabilitation sites are not prepared, with out basic civic amenities like school, primary health center, water for irrigation and drinking etc. Officers keeping many people from out of eligible list. So that govt. will be able to say in the Supreme Court that rehabilitation work is complete.

Please send fax to Rehabilitation Director of Tehri Dam asking him to complete the compensation work provide civic amenities at rehabilitation sites urgently so that people can resettled.
What little effort you can do-------------

Rehabilitation Director

Tehri Dam Project
New Tehri
Tehri Garwal
Development for all, not only for few.

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