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Action Alert 5-10-2002

Dear Friends
As Govt. of Uttaranchal has stated in their Affidavits that they will close down the tunnel no. 1 & 2 in Nov. or Dec.2002. Now a days in Tehri Dam affected area, land acquisition work is in full swing but land rates-compensation of houses are not cleared and not proper information of land. " Take whatever they are offering" this is the journal feeling of the people but somewhere they are fighting too.
Like in village CHHAM, villagers stop the survey since May 2002. Govt. is putting big presser on villagers for survey. Because they just want to fill their paper (to show in the court also). May be only CHHAM is the only remaining village in nearby villages. Village CHHAM is under the mark of full reservoir (so this village should be in fully affected village) but in Govt. record it is in "partially affected village".

Since one year there is no meeting of co-ordination committee, which is the highest body look into the Rehabilitation work. Where should people go for their Grievances? In fact Govt.'s survey of affected area is totally wrong. Many of partially affected village will come under the fully affected villages.

Some other relevant points

  • Mrs. Soniya Gandhi has written a letter to C.M., Mr. N.D. Tiwari “Dam work should not be stopped because of any agitation. Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Late Mr. Rajeev Gandhi appreciated this project. Both were the prime Ministers of India.” But the fact was Mrs. Indira Gandhi was not comfortable with this project.

  • District Magistrate of Tehri, who is also the director of rehabilitation, wrote a letter to on 25 September to the chairperson of co-ordination committee to call a meeting before 30 September to review the situation as we have to closedown tunnel No. 1 & 2 in Nov. or Dec.
In this view we have sent two notices to the Govt. of Uttaranchal. You are requested to please send a similar kind of letter to the Govt. of Uttaranchal by post/ Fax etc. Below are the letters. One letter I have sent you before. Your one letter will make difference.
In Solidarity

In Solidarity

To whom you can wrote letters:

  1. Shri N.D. Tiwari
    Chief Minister of Uttaranchal
Circuit house

  1. Shri Madhukar Upadhyay
The Chief Secretary,
Government of Uttaranchal
Dehra Dun
Fax: 91+135+712500

3. Shri Subhash Kumar .
Commissioner Garwal
And Chairperson
Co-ordination Committee on Tehri Dam oustees.
Pouri Garwal

4. Shri Keshav Desiraju
Power and Irrigation

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