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{DUU-25} From Alaknandaganga Valley 9-12-2006

victory of people
Pipalkoti-Vishnugad HEP Second Public Hearing will be on 9-1-2007

Project Name: Proposed Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydroelectric Project (444MW)
River: Alaknanda (Chamoli Distt.) Uttarakhand
Agency: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC)

According to a notice published in a daily Hindi Newspaper of Uttarakhand, environmental Public hearing of proposed Pipalkoti-Vishnugad HEP (444MW) will be held on 9th January.
Just to remind us all that on 17th Oct, the public hearing held was opposed by the women of the village and a fresh public hearing was demanded. Also that all documents, like EIA and EMP, must be provided in local language and the provisions thoroughly explained and discussed with the public. The SDM who was chairing the public hearing, in the end she announced that the next public hearing would be soon held and the date would be announced accordingly.
After this people, repeatedly asked about next public hearing and wrote a letter o he Ministry as well, regarding this matter.
On 25 Nov 06, villagers of Haat stopped the tunneling work of Pipalkoti-Vishnugad HEP. THDC officials threatened them with use of force, but the officials had to give in, at last they agreed to have a talk with the villagers.
Matu Peoples’ Organisation considers this next public hearing as the victory of people. The fresh Public hearing should be held with the following demands met:-
  1. Environment Impact Assessment Report, Environment Management Plan and all other documents in complete, should be provided in Hindi at village level.
  2. A process should start for affected villagers to explain about the documents in simple Hindi.
Development for all, not only for few

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