Sunday, 18 December 2011

{DUU-24} From Alaknandaganga Valley 29-11-2006

People stopped tunneling work of Pipalkoti-Vishnugad HEP
Land acquisition has began
People waiting for second public hearing
Project Name: Proposed Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Hydroelectric Project (444MW)
River: Alaknanda (Chamoli Distt.) Uttaranchal
Agency: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC)

On 25 Oct 06, villagers of Haat stopped the tunneling work of Pipalkoti-Vishnugad HEP. Villagers of most affected village Haat have no information about the work going on in the Haat village from last two years. Two tunnels, 100M and 800M long, were built, water resource dried-up and all water entered into the tunnels. People are facing water crises.
When villagers stopped, THDC officials asked them not to stop the work otherwise with the help of administration they will use force. The officials are still threatening the villagers with dire consequences of refusal to obey them, but the villagers remain adamant.
The SDM has not so far announced any date for the next public hearing. On the contrary, the lands are being acquired under S.17 (Emergency Clause) of the Land Acquisition Act. This merely is an attempt by the authorities to create pressure on the public to accept the dam construction.
Matu Peoples’ Organisation condemns government’s step, which comes in the way of the right to information and fundamental rights of the affected people. We support people’s struggle for justice.
Development for all, not only for few

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