Saturday, 17 December 2011

{DUU-10} Tehri Dam Case Nanital Heigh Court 26-10-2005

High court reserved the judgment on closing down the Tunnel-2
After listing all the three cases namely N. D. Jayal and others; Shanti Prasad and others; P.D. Juyal and others, Chief Jst. Cyriac Joseph and Jst. P. C. Pant reserved the judgment. Judgment will be delivered on 29-10-2005 at 2 O’clock in the court.
Due to closing the tunnel T-2 submergence will start and villages will be drown. This will create a big threat on other villagers to move with what ever they received and go to the rehabilitation sites where civic amenities are not fully established.
And after moving there, no one will listen. Till today oustees who moved before 25 years, did not get land rights.
Adv. Sanjay Parikh who fought N. D. Jayal and Shakher Singh’s case in Supreme Court clearly mention that closing of tunnel T-1 was the violation of Supreme Court Order. And without compliance the conditions of environment clearance given on 19th July 1990 in to, closing the tunnel T-2 will again the violation of Apex Court order. S.C. made clear that all the conditions of environment should be complete in all respects. Environment conditions include Bhagirathi Basin Management authority, Catchments Area Treatment, Command Area Development, Flora, Fauna, Water Quality Management, Disaster Management Plan and Rehabilitation.
Sr. Adv. Colin for Shanti Prasad and others argued that rehabilitation has not completed even till 760M.
Sr. Adv Nathani for P.D. Juyal and others argued that before closing T-2 connectivity of cut-off area will be ensure because alternative bridge will take atleast 6month to be complete.
Judgment will be delivered on 29-10-2005 at 2 PM in the High court.
Development for all, not only for few.

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