Thursday, 8 December 2011

Action Alert 5-2-2003

Dear friends,
Now next hearing of Tehri Dam case will be on 19th February 2003. The Central Govt., Uttaranchal Govt., Tehri Hydro Development Corporation took two days to finish their arguments. But they also wanted to file some more paper in the court.
Mainly, petitioner’s lawyers argued on non-implementation of Environmental conditions, even after 12 years of Environment Conditional Clearance; non-implementations of Hanumantha Rao committee (on Environment and Rehabilitation issues) and Expert Group on Seismicity’s recommendations. These committees were constituted after Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna’s 74 days hunger strike by the then Prime Minister Shri Devegouda.
Govt. has claimed that they have done good work on Environment and rehabilitation issues. They are taking care of safety measurement of the Tehri Dam. They claim that there is no need of three-dimensional study of the dam, no need of dam break analysis, no need of Disaster Management Plan, these all are only theoretical exercise. They said that they are not only following the condition of PARI-PASU ( Env. and rehab. work of dam will be done simultaneously with the engineering work of the dam) but also not legging behind then the Environment Conditional Clearance July 1990.
Some word said in the court: Solicitor General (Government of India) said, ‘ PARI-PASU IS IN OUR MIND’. Council of Uttaranchal said, ‘ We want to make our state as POWER STATE’
In fact when hearing started only one junior lawyer was present in the court on behalf of govt. They were repeatedly asking more time to reply the petitioners arguments. Honorable Court was very much annoyed with the govt. and THDC. Because they were not aware what the petitioners presented in the court? Court took it as its insult that insuch a serious case govt. is behaving like this? Not giving required attention.
In the last hearing Hon’ble court fixed this date as final hearing for Tehri Dam case.
Now the next hearing is on 19th February 2003.
In Solidarity

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