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Action Alert 2-8-2003

DM Tehri met; TDPHLC on same conclusion

On 16th July 2003 after three days Hunger Strike we (member of Matu peoplesOrganisation and Tehri Bhoomidhar Visthapit Sangthan) met District Magistrate as well as Director of Rehabilitation .We narrated him all the demands of the Old Tehri Town oustees. He and some officers carefully listened to everything we raised in the meeting. He promised us to meet by 1st week of August to discuss rural problems.

Committee meeting

On 24 July 2003 Tehri Dam High Level Committee on Rehabilitation meets in Dehradoon, after a gap of 2 years. VERY important thing was that the agenda of the meeting was circulated when meeting started. Four main point of the agenda were
1-Complete removal of resident as they are agitating in old Tehri Town with illegal demand and now it is essential in the view of monsoon.
2-Shifting of all rural oustees from the villages under 780 M. reservoir level in view of closing diversion Tunnel No.1 & 2 in October 2003.
3-Shifting of the entire villagers who are living in the area from stone quarry to the Dam site, since they act as an obstacle in the movement of trucks etc. with their illegal demands.
4-To includes house construction assistance and compensation under one head, in rural areas.
Apart of these main issues many other petty issues were discussed in the meeting. It is very much clear from the discussion held in the committee (what ever we have listen form our sources) that Govt. is trying to show that they are following Supreme Court affidavit filed. Govt. and THDC said in the course of hearing in the Supreme Court, they would complete rehabilitation of people living under 780M till March and for 810M they will achieve in Dec.
To solve Old Tehri town citizens problems, authorities will be organising three days camp in New Tehri from 3rd to 6th August.
We are waiting for Supreme Court verdict. Meanwhile, Govt. is trying to make situations worse, which could not be changed in future.


To find out actual situation of rehabilitation upto 780M and villages in the area from stone quarry to dam site Matu has visited submergence area on 30th and 31st along with some journalist. Our surveys clearly state.
In Bhilangna Valley--villages in the area from stone quarry to dam site are still finding it hard to get proper land, house plots, and compensation for houses. For those who got the benefit are not in position to settle in rehabilitation sites (R/R site). Since, R/R site does not have adequate civic amenities.
-Even after declaring fully rehabilitated, people of Bhaldiyana village in Bhagirathi valley are longing for complete rehabilitation, they did not get even land. In different villages oustees are bearing same kind of problems. Govt. cannot say that every oustees of a village have got all the R/R benefits.
Matu will inspect the R/R site also. In next Action Alert we will send you the report of an inter-ministerial committee stated up by MOEF. This committee report said same thing, for which we are crying.
In Solidarity


Press Note 15-7-03


Three Days DHAYANAKARSHAN UPVAS (Hunger Strike) from 11 to 13 July to get the attention on Tehri Dam Oustees. Objective is to make rehabilitation process fast, free from corruption; it should be transparent and well organised. This also includes, that after rehabilitation only diverging tunnels should be closed. Vimal Bhai of Matu Peoples Organisation and Arjun Lal, Yogendra pant, Gulshan Anand Bhumidhar Visthapit Organisations has ended their UPVAS with a resolution, passed by the masses.
If Government doesnt takes action on the issues raised by DHAYANAKARSHAN UPVAS (Hunger Strike) then Matus People Organisation and Bhumidhar Visthapith Sangthan will take anyHard Step. Meanwhile, water level is rising around the Tehri Town Govt. should take immediate decision over the pending matter of rehabilitation the time frame decided for another movement will be shortened.
A memorandum was sent to the Chief Minister of Uttrakhand. According to the memorandum:
- Full time Rehabilitation Director.
  • Fulfillment of 8 demands raised in urban rehabilitation.
  • Fulfillment of demands raised in rural areas.
  • Open enquiry on corruption; end to rural-urban pending issues.
  • Village wise eligibility list of oustees, different compensation rates, current status of land acquisition with full records should be made public and this should be available to everyone. Every month-updated record has to be made in public.
  • Urban and Rural remaining compensation should be distributed instantly.
  • Keep the civic amenities proper in the old Tehri Town and safe places should be told to the organisation.
  • An inquiry on illegal construction and removal should be done.
  • Map of Green Belt in New Tehri Town should be made available to the organisation.
  • Grievances Cell should be set up without any delay.

Members of Mahila Morcha and Berojgar Morcha were also sited on one-day UPVAS in support. Mr Pritam Panwar (M.L.A) and the president of Uttrakhand Kranti Dal, Mr. Dinesh Dhanai (Chairman, Municipal Corporation, Tehri) supported and joined Dharna. After visiting Dharna Mr. Pritam Panwar met Chief Minister and raised ousteesissues. He informed the C. M. that old city is bearing the lack of civic amenities. He strongly declared that if oustees problems will not be solved his party would take up this issue in whole of the state. Chairman of Municipal Corporation, Tehri declare Tehri kooch (Going towords Old Tehri Town) if City oustees problems will not solve.
Ms. Kamla Pant, president of Uttrakhand Mahila Manch with other organisations from Dehradoon supported the cause.
On July 13, 2003 an official was present at the occasion, acted on the behalf of Rehabilitation Director invited the oustees for dialogue on Wednesday 16-07-03.

In Solidarity

Action Alert 12-7-2003
Three days hunger strike
As we initiated the hunger strike on 11 th of July as on prescribed date , Vimal Bhai, Arjun Lal, Gulshan Anand and three more women from Mahila Morcha participated with tremendous zeal. Venue of this Dharna or hunger strike is in Satyeshwar mahadev temple, Old Tehri Town.
Before going for Dharna every one took a bath in holy river Bhagirathi, then everyone went to the temple to initiate Dharna. Much number of people took part in the procession, demanding for clean and transparent rehabilitation and for other issues related to rehabilitation.
Even the prominent persons from different political parties attended Dharna and supported the oustees. Among the prominent persons Mr. Pritam Panwar (M.L.A.) from Uttarakand kranti Dal, Mr. Dinesh Dhanai (Chairman, Municipal corporation, Tehri) supported our cause for Dharna. Mr. Pritam Panwar has promised the oustees that the matter will be brought up in whole of the state.
Thus the result of 1st day hunger strike was to our expectation. With so many people are stepping forward to support. Even 2 day result of hunger strike is their in pipeline, Kindly wait for 2nd day result.
For more support: please make an appeal to C.M (Uttranchal) and to D.M (Tehri Garhwal) or fax them D.M. (Tehri Garhwal)- fax NO. 01376-232354.
Kindly forward this mail to the concerned ones.

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