Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tehri in Supreme court and on ground…….

Action alert 15-12-2001

Tehri in Supreme court and on ground…….

What happened with Tehri Dam?
This was the first Q by Justice Pattnaik who was listening Tehri matter on 14th Dec. in Supreme Court room no. 3. Justice Lahoti J.J. was accompany him.
After listening 5 minutes to Adv. Sanjay Parikh and Sr. Advocate Rajeev Dhawan, Judges ordered.

The WP will be listed for hearing in the 3rd week of January. Meanwhile parties can file their affidavits. Even before the court finally heard the court, it will be open to the Authorities to consider the grievances of the people.

In old Tehri town Satyagrah is on, every day 10 people are sitting on one day fast. You are requested to be with people who are facing injustice.

How to reach Tehri:
Tehri is in the way to Gangotri. From Delhi to Rishikesh is 200 K.M., in daytime it is 6 to 7 hours journey and in the night it is 5 to 6 hours journey. In Delhi buses are available any time from I.S.B.T., Mori Gate for Rishikesh. Tehri is 80 K.M. from Rishikesh. Buses and tracers go from Rishikesh. By bus it is Rs. 50 and by tracers it is Rs. 100 maximum.
Simple staying and food arrangements are available there.
In Solidarity

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