Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Action Alert 29-12-2001

Dear friends
Old Tehri town is fighting for the rights of people. Dharna is continuing, 15 to 20 women and men sits on fast everyday. Tomorrow on 30th December is the Trihari Day, 187th anniversary of the Tehri town. Trihari means where three rivers meets, old name of Tehri was Trihari. Main function will be at Dharna place.

Today nearly 500 people reached at DM’s office in new Tehri town to stop the auction of Bridge, located on Bhagirathi in old Tehri town. This bridge has been already close down for the vehicles; people are using to crass the river. Also they get an order for alternative rout for vehicles. This is a victory of the people where institutions like National Human Rights Commission failed to take-up the issue.

People also raised the issue of submerging the thousands of tree in the reservoir and corruption in building of new bridge on river Bhilangna. DM excepted the this corruption issue.

You are requested to visit Tehri to see your own eye the new Temple of India on the head of people. Who are the real gainers and who are the surfers, you can judge yourselves.
Come and join the struggle against injustice.
In solidarity

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