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Action Alert --21-12-2001 Joshi Meeting on Tehri Dam issue-Another drama

Joshi Meeting on Tehri Dam issue-Another drama
Dear friends
Satyagrah is going on in old Tehri town.
And in Delhi, tomorrow Murli Manohar Joshi will have a meeting with other 10 member at Central and Science and Industrial Research and finish his very-very old responsibility. You may recall on 10th April of 2001 Govement of India had constituted an 11 member committee to look into

  1. Seismic safety of Tehri Dam in the light of Bhuj earthquake of January, 2001; and
  2. Impact of Tehri Dam on self-purification quality of Gan ga Jal, etc

(As, in the wake of Bhuj earthquake of January, the need for review of seismic safety (of) Tehri Dam is felt necessary. )
Joshi ji appointed as the chairperson of this committee as an expert.

Now, now after the shutting down the gates of tunnel no. 3 & 4, they just feel to hold the meeting. This committee supposed to give its recommendations with in four weeks.
Meeting will start at 9.30 in the morning. I and Himanshubhai have written a short letter to them. Asking them to open the gates first then have this meeting. Other wise this meeting will only be a paper work.
CSIR FAX NO. IS 011-4697178 and Murli Manohar Joshi’s Email is
In solidarity

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