Tuesday, 29 November 2011

After returning from still alive town

Action alert 10-12-2001

After returning from still alive town:

Dear friends,
The situation of Tehri town is worst. Now no more rivers around the city, a dead water reservoir is there. Approximately 10,000 people are still in town. People are sad but not in mood to leave city just. In 6th Dec. meeting D.M. asked people to change their no dam mentality and leave town earliest.

Bridge is open only for pedestrians, state and private transport stopped at by pass, 4 K.M. away from the city. To reach one has to cover extra 25 K.M., now rout is via Zero point, means down stream of the Dam.

Water Level is approximately 637M from the sea Level.Bridge is very close to water. Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna’s “GANGA HIMALAYA KUTI” is in water. He has shifted to town side cross the river.

Another very symbolic another place is (which is near bridge) where first agitation began in 1978 also very close to water. Tunnel number one is not opened instead of D.M.’s promised on 6th Dec.

Desh ko bijali do, hamko jal samdhi do. (Give electricity to the nation and throw us in the water) With this slogan “ Tehri Bhumidhar Sangthan” has been SATYAGRAH in Tehri town at Steshwer Temple. Where central Power minister promised with the Tehri people-- I would talk with central and state govt. on rehabilitation issue. This Satyagrah is against destruction, violation of human rights and govt.’s lies.

Meeting with Chief Minister on 9-12-2001:

On 9th Dec. a delegation of Tehri town oustees. This time main demands were to open tunnel no. 1 and give a road to reach Tehri town. They promised to give a positive ans. with in 3-4 days.

In Supreme Court

4 cases are pending in supreme court one seismicity, rehabilitation, temple, mosque and Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna and Tehri coalition group are the interveners. 14th Dec. is hearing date after a very long time.

Please do reach Tehri to strengthen people’s struggle against injustice.

How to reach Tehri:
Tehri is in the way to Gangotri. From Delhi to Rishikesh is 200 K.M., in daytime it is 6 to 7 hours journey and in the night it is 5 to 6 hours journey. In Delhi buses are available any time from I.S.B.T., Mori Gate for Rishikesh. Tehri is 80 K.M. from Rishikesh. Buses and tracers go from Rishikesh. By bus it is Rs. 50 and by tracers it is Rs. 100 maximum.
Simple staying and food arrangements are available there.

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