Tuesday, 29 November 2011

At last they did what ever they want………….

At last they did what ever they want………….

Dear friends

With extreme pain we are informing you that from 1st of December Tehri administration start closing down the gates of tunnel no. 3 & 4 on Bhagirathi river.
  • Heavy police in old Tehri Town.
  • More then 100 Dalit families are living near the Bhilangna River. On 3rd of December, 2001administration with heavy police force reached there and ask hem to leave their homes. Approximately 15 families left the area which get the compensation. Some just run away and more then 75 families said, we will not moved as we do not feel any problem.
  • It means first of all Dalits paid the cost of development-Tehri Dam.
  • Administration declares that they will close the bridge on Bhagirathi river (which is 2 or 3 hundred meters from the Dam) for vehicles as well as for people.
  • Administration is going to declare prohibited area before 100 M from the bridge.
  • From 5th onward administration will shift the telephone exchange. D.M. is denying, but Tel. Exchange authorities saying it is true. And people decided to hold an agitation around the exchange.

  • 10,000 people are still in old Tehri town.

This is all going in spite of promises given by Central Power Minister and State Chief
Minister on 5th of November, 2001.

You are requested to send fax or phone to Minister asking him to keep his own promises, at least people should have their basic amenities intact.

Mr. Suresh Prabhu Central Minister of Power, 202, Shram Shakti Bhwan,
Rafi Marg, New Delhi Fax. 3385206, Ph: 3381901Email-sprabhu@sansad.nic.in


  • On behalf of Tehri Bandh Bhoomidhar Sangathan today I filed a fresh petition in NHRC, asking commission to send their own person to investigate the ground situation. (copy of the letter is as follows)
  • We are asking an appointment from Central Power Minister.

If you have any idea, please suggest me.

Bahuguna is sick and he is in Delhi, leaving tomorrow night. He is available on 3355303 and 3318831(PP N0.)
In Solidarity

To Date:4-12-2001
The Chairman,
National Human Rights Commission.
Patel Bhawan,
New Delhi

Sub: Current situation of Tehri Dam oustees

Respected Sir

We had filed a petition in your office on 6th November, 2001 in which we explained the
future situation of Tehri Town after shut down the gates of tunnel no.3 and 4. on Bahgirathi river.

We are very grateful to you that you had sent a notice to Uttaranchal Govt. But despite your notice the administration has started to shut down gates of tunnel no. 3 & 4. And they are cutting telephone lines; breaking bridge on Bhagirathi and declaring prohibited area, 100 M before the bridge.

Hence we request the commission to sent its representative at the site to investigate the whole situation. Otherwise before the response of your notice by the state govt. there will be no use of our petition.

Please find enclosed here with the fresh reports of PUCL & SANDRP on rehabilitation.

Yours sincerely

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