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Police sticks are the New Year gift for the Tehri Dam oustees


Uttaranchal People’s initiative for their rights


Press release 7-1-2002
Police sticks are the New Year gift for the Tehri Dam oustees
On 6th January, 2002 noon, more then 300 policemen get down from their trucks at SIRAI village in the Bhagirathi valley and start beating people including women. They were oustees of the Tehri Dam comes under Phase-I. Police beaten-up people badly. These people were demanded land for land, and seated on road. Nearly 50 people including women injured, 26 are in New Tehri Town jail. Police especially targeted youths and women because they always on forefront

Since many months contractor of Tehri Dam is trying to get RED SOIL from Dobra village in the Bhagirathi valley. Contractor were offered them good land and compensation, so some how with the help of village’s headmen, contractor J. P. made some arrangements. Contractor starts digging the land for soil. Remember every assurance was only verbal. Dobra villagers did not get any thing as they inform even press people last week. Villagers of Sirai and Malidavel told to the authorities that they would not allow them to take the RAD SOIL till they did not get land. People feels this the only bargain point.
In last month after closing tunnel no. 3 & 4 on Bhagirathi River for the purpose to fill the reservoir of Tehri Dam, D.M. of Tehri District Ms. Radha Ratoori (Ph. 01376-32040 and Fax no. 01376-32092) visited these villages and asks them not to stop the contractor’s vehicles. Instead of meeting people’s very least and genuine demands they are using police force. They are not fulfilling their obligations towards Dam oustees.

Most important Environment clearance condition is that Dam construction work and Rehabilitation work must be go simultaneously. The word they use is PARI-PASU, but the Govt. and Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) just BY-PASS this condition.

On 14th Dec Supreme Court of India in the matter of N.D. Jayal and Shakhar Singh Vs. Govt. of India and others, clearly ordered-Even before hearing of this matter, it is open to the Authorities to examine the grievances of the persons concerned.

It is very much clear now with out any master rehabilitation plan they are just leaving people in the hands of contractor. Administration is supporting and helping out contractor but not the people. In Tehri agitation is continuing. We as MATU condemned this coward action taken by the District Administration. And demands a Master Rehabilitation Plan for the Tehri Dam oustees.

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