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PRESS NOTE: 9-10-2015

PRESS NOTE:   9-10-2015

Matu demands to Indian Banks to Make Safeguard policies

Matu Jansangathan, demands to Indian Banker Association to make Rehabilitation/ Resttalment and Environment safeguard policies before funding any Hydro Electric Projects.

Matu said that most of the dam companies taking loan from different Indian and Foreign agencies like World Bank,{} Asian Development Bank {}, Japan Bank of International Corporation {}, HDFC, Panjab National Bank, State Bank of India etc.Most of the foreign agencies have there own Rehabilitation/ Resttalment and Environment safeguard policies apart of Indian Government policies for project affected people and locale. But unfortunately Indian Banks do not have any such policies. Project proponent use this lacuna to skirt issues related with Rehabilitation/ Resttalment and Environment. To support the argument Matu also given few examples like...
  • In Alaknanda River Japee Group's HEP Vishnu Prayag HEP is responsible for the destruction which occurred in the downstream area and villages namely Lambagarh, Vinayak Chatti, Pandukeshwar, Govindghat, Pinola ghat etc. Because Vishnu Prayag HEP proponent did not opened the gates of the dam when heavy amount of water came due to heavy rainfall happened in upper stream of Vishnu Prayag HEP on 16-17 June, 2013.
  • On the same river downstream Srinagar Hydro Power Project of GVK is responsible for the destruction because the dumping of “muck” on three banks of Alakhnanda River is flagrant violation of environmental norms. No walls were deliberately constructed to avoid flowing of “muck” in the river here.
Matu given the reference of Ravi Chopra Committee seted by the Ministery of Environment, Forest & climate Change on order of Hon'ble Supreme Court dated
13/8/2013 that Dam had played a big role in June, 2013 Uttarakhand calamity.

Matu also mentioned that when in the current scenario Indian Banks are giving funds to various Hydro Electric Projects, it is their responsibility to make Rehabilitation/ Resttalment and Environment safeguard policies and also expect them to take up this very issue in immediate consideration.

Vimalbhai       and     Puran Singh Rana

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