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Press Note: 22-10-2013 Stop Environment violation in Vishnuprayag HEP (400 MW)

Environment violation in Vishnuprayag HEP

(400 MW), River Alaknandaganga

River  Alaknandaganga      http://youtu.be/fmXP8SCiz8s

Bandh Katha 13  Destruction by Vishnupryag HEP on 16-17 June, 2013 


On 16-17 June, 2013 Due to Vishnuprayag HEP (400 MW) a big flood washed away properties in Lambagarh, Pandukeshwar, Govindghat, Vinayak chatty, Pinola ghat villages and areas downstream. Properties included homes, hotels, livestock, forest, fields, and several others. Photographs of given below that establish the same. Other can be seen  It is very much established that the destruction in these villages has been caused by the Vishnugad HEP on Alaknanda.
Agitations are going on for the restoration of the villages and for the proper/full compensation of the losses occurred due to the calamity that occurred between June 16-17, when dam gates were not opened in time. Despite heavy rain, dam gates remained closed and this led to the devastating floods.
Four months have passed, but no inquiry has been set-up by any ministry. The situation is worsening. The Jaypee Group is removing all the muck/debris from the dam reservoir, but putting every thing in the Alaknandaganga river bed. please see the link http://youtu.be/fmXP8SCiz8s
These actions will create the conditions for another disaster.
Thus, dumping muck in the river is criminal activity for environment and sensitive ecology of the area. The act of dumping also puts villagers lives in danger. Downstream of this dam and in the same river due to Srinagar HEP on 16-17 June the muck which was dumped at the river bank ruined more then hundreds of private and govt. buildings.

In this very alarming situation Ministry of Forest and Environment has to take urgent action and stop the project proponents from dumping dabris in the Alakanndaganga. This will prevent future calamities in Alaknandaganga river basin and keep the threat at bay for people and the environment. 

Vimalbhai and Dinesh Panwar

Pictorial facts of Dam destruction. 


'Jaypee companies' the project proponent of Vishnupryag HEP made a temple in the middle of the River Alaknandaganga and made the river path narrow. That was also one of main cause of the destruction in Lambagad Village on 16-17 June, 2013

Pandukeshwer Village under threat of slide just in downstream Lambagad Village

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