Sunday, 30 June 2013

Press Note- 30-6-2013

The Alaknandaganga  has cleared it's path:
Vishnupyrag HEP (400 MW) collapsed
(see photos after the new)
In the recent flood in Alaknandaganga (near Badrinath Temple). When the waters rose, dam authorities failed to open all the gates of the dam. Due to this, a 2 K.M. long reservoir was formed upstream of the dam. Pressure from the water broke the dam and went on to wipe out the Lambagad Village market.

Some shops in the Lambagadh market were already washed away when water was released unannounced from the dam in 2012. When villagers asked for compensation from dam authorities, dam authorities threatened to file police cases against them.
This year, water from the upper reaches of Alaknandaganga came unannounced and demolished the Vishnupyrag HEP.
This was the first dam to be built under a Private Public Partnership on the Alaknandaganga. This dam has also destroyed Vishunupryag, the confluence of the Dhouliganga and Alaknandaganga

We have news that Dams on Mandakini River such as Phata-Buyong HEP and Singoli-Bhatwari HEP badly damaged. Small dams on Madhaymaheshwer and Kali river are also badly damaged. These small dams were funded by Asian Development Bank.

The construction of all these HEPs are responsible for big Damage in the whole Gangavalley.

This incident once again strengthens our argument that the Himalayas cannot support big HEPs or other big structures. The government and planners must understand the floods as an indication from nature and stop the madness of HEPs.

              Vimalbhai      and       Briharshraj Tadiyal
Earlier view of Vishnupryag HEP (400MW), View from downstream 5 June, 2008

Earlier view of Vishnupryag HEP (400MW), View from upstream 20 February, 2012
Destroyed Vishnupryag HEP (400MW), View from the downstream 26 June, 2013

Destroyed Vishnupryag HEP (400MW), View from the upstream 26 June, 2013

Destroyed Vishnupryag HEP (400MW), Alaknandaganga flowing on the left side, made new path for herself. View from the downstream of the dam. 26 June, 2013
Destroyed J. P. company  Vishnupryag HEP (400MW) dam compound, View from the downstream taken on 26 June, 2013


  1. atlast the alakananda maatha has given her verdict on the dams though the govt kept quite

  2. Nice report Sir! People and govt. have to see the truth and that is not to interfere with nature. This event is clear indication for us to go back and do some soul searching.

  3. My fear is what will be the fate of people downstream of old dam structures like the Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala when such catastrophic floods are increasingly predicted due to climate change.
    Saji P G

  4. Looks like a very accurate report...
    with the proofs...