Sunday, 1 January 2012

Youtube links........ Bandh katha......

On these youtube links you can see some dam related real films by matu.....
we always update
Story of propossed Devsari HEP (252 MW) on Pinder River
--Bandh katha -1--
--Bandh Katha-2--
Video on "Envirnmental Public Hearing" 20-1-2011, held at Village Chepdu on proposed Devsari HEP (252 MW) on Pinder River
--Bandh Katha-3--
Video on Peoples' "Public Hearing" 3-4-2011, held at Sangam maidan, Deval on the issue of Dams on Pinder River

The Reality of a Public Hearing, a part from Naitwar-Mori HEP (60MW) Environmental Public Hearing. 3-5-2011
Bandh Katha 5 (1 of 2) & (2 of 2)

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